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EChip Fishing Lure Technology Video

What is EChip fishing lure technology

So you’ve heard about Pro Troll’s EChip fishing lure technology, yet you’re still not sure what it is?

We’ve dug up a video clip that will certainly help clear things up.  While getting a little old out of date now (yes echip kits are now available), this clip is certainly worth a watch.

Be warned however, it is very American and over 8 minutes long.  So do yourself a favour, make a cuppa and get comfy.

EChip, the worlds first microchip for bait.
Fishing Lake Taupo with Pro Troll Electronic Lures and Attractors
Pro Troll, developers of EChip fishing lure technology

EChip fishing lure technology, developed by Pro Troll Inc.  EChip technology comes standard, with Pro Troll fishing lures, trolling flashers and spinners.

Pro Troll Inc was founded in 1978.  Pro Troll has a range of innovative fishing products available.  Not only a range of products featuring echip fishing lure technology.  But also other innovative fishing products, such as the Black Box electronic fish attractor.

Lake Okataina Trout Fishing with Pro Troll

Pro Troll’s range includes a wide range of lures, trolling flashers and more.

See our range of EChip equipped products today.

EChip Fishing Lure Technology

Still want to learn more, about Pro Troll’s echip fishing lure technology?

Be sure to also visit our echip information page.