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EChip Fishing Lures

Fishing lures with EChip technology

EChip fishing lures are available in various styles, shapes and sizes.  EChip technology is built into most echip fishing lures and flashers.  Including one of the best trout trolling lure ranges available today.  Pro-Troll’s very own Trout Killer lure range.

Better still if we don’t have a fishing lure to suit you.  EChip’s are available in kit form.  EChip kits allow you to use echip technology with just about any lure, spinner, jig, jig head or leader.  Learn more on our echip kits page.

What is EChip and what are EChip fishing lures?

EChip electronic bait technology is designed to attract fish.  EChip is a small tube that gives off a tiny electrical pulse.  This pulse mimics the electrical nerve pulse of a wounded bait fish.  Put simply, EChip electronic bait technology is designed to attract fish!  Learn more on our EChip information page.

Electronic fishing lures or E-Lures come in various forms.  EChip technology is one form of electronic fishing lure.  EChip fishing lures are lures equipped with EChip technology.  EChip gives your lure or bait added attraction.  Have you got your EChip fishing lures yet?

EChip Fishing Lures. EChip Kits
EChips in kit form
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Where can I buy EChip Fishing Lures in NZ?

Want to buy EChip fishing lures, or any other Pro Troll fishing products?  Pro Troll products are available from a growing number of retailers across NZ.  Find your local Pro Troll retailer here.

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