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Electronic Fishing Lures

Electronic Fishing Lures
Electronic fishing lures

In case you haven’t noticed electronic fishing lures are popping up more and more.  Advances in technology during recent years have led to electronic fishing lures.  Many have termed these lures as E-Lures.

But what is an electronic fishing lure?  Electronic fishing lures come in various forms.  Some lure manufacturers design lures that vibrate or move.  While others have flashing or glowing lights.  Each is intended to attract fish.  It should be remembered that the use of electronics is an added attraction.  The basic lure design, size, colour and action remain as important as always.

Pro Troll electronic fishing lures

A great example of advances in technology is EChip.  Pro Troll’s EChip is the worlds first microchip for bait.  EChip is a feature included with Pro Troll lures and flashers.  Combined with the fantastic action of our products, you get the best of both worlds.  Learn more about EChip on our electronic bait technology page.

Pro-Troll EChip Electronic Bait Technology
Fishing Lake Taupo with electronic fishing lures

If you are intending to fish Lake Taupo you must be aware of the regulations.  Taupo fishery regulations state “A person must not use for the purpose of taking trout any fish attracting electronic”.  As it stands this effectively bans the use of any electronic fishing lures.  Including the use of electronic fish attractors such as The Black Box on Lake Taupo.

The Department of Conservation issued a media release regarding this matter, dated December 14th 2013.  In the media release DOC stated that this was likely to be reviewed.  As of March 2015 our understanding is that this is still the case.  It is however understood we may have a little longer to wait.  In the case of Pro Troll’s EChip lures, Pro Troll lures can be used though you must first remove the EChip.

More detailed information on this subject can be found on our page discussing this matter here.