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Salmon Trolling Flashers Are Here In NZ

Salmon trolling flashers

Demand for salmon trolling flashers is on the increase here in NZ. Luckily for Pro Troll NZ we have access to a wide range of flashers designed for salmon fishing. That’s due to Pro Troll Inc’s wealth of knowledge, especially when it comes to trolling flashers.


Range of salmon flashers in NZ

The first of our salmon trolling flashers are here in limited numbers.  Don’t worry though there are many more flashers on the way.  Pro Troll eight inch salmon flashers will be available shortly, in a variety of colours.  In the meantime we have a small range of six inch salmon trolling flashers available.  See our range of ProFin 6 Flashers.


What are trolling flashers

Flashers rig ahead of your lure or bait.  The additional agitation, movement & colour helps attracts fish to the proximity.  Pro Troll already offers a full range of trout trolling flashers.  Our 4 inch trout flashers have been used in NZ waters for several years now.

ProFin 6 UV Flashers

Salmon trolling flashers
Where can I buy Pro Troll in NZ

Want to know where you can buy Pro Troll from in NZ.  Pro Troll products are available from a increasing number of retailers.  Find a Pro Troll retailer now.  If there isn’t one near you feel free to contact us.  Ask for Pro Troll salmon trolling flashers by name at your local today.