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Downrigger Fishing

The Basics of Downrigger Fishing

Downrigger fishing is one method of fishing available to anglers.  Downriggers allow you to place your fishing lure or bait at a set depth while trolling.  Another advantage of using a Downrigger is that it allows you to use lighter tackle.  Essentially once a fish strikes your line is released from the Downrigger.  This allows you to fight the fish without the additional weight that would normally be required to troll such depths.

Downrigger fishing can be employed while trolling for many species of sports fish.  They can be a useful tool for those that are trolling for fish such as trout or salmon.  Especially if you are trout fishing in the summer months in deeper lakes.  Downrigger fishing can also be just as effective when trolling for saltwater species such as Kingfish.

Downriggers almost always include a depth counter.  This allows you to accurately fish your targeted depth.

What is a Downrigger?

According to Wikipedia :

“A downrigger is a device used while fishing using the trolling method, which places a lure at the desired depth. A downrigger consists of a three to six-foot horizontal pole which supports a cannonball (large weight) by a steel cable (generally stainless steel). A clip, also known as a “release” attaches a fishing line to the cannonball weight. The bait or lure is attached to the release.”

Also see the wikiHow How to Use a Downrigger Setup

Pro-Troll Downrigger Fishing Products

While we don’t sell Downriggers Pro-Troll offers a large range of fishing products suitable for Downrigger fishing.  Everything from our wide range of Trout Killer and E-Lures through to our Downrigger Fishing Techniques book.


Trolling Flashers

Trolling flashers are a fantastic addition when downrigger fishing.  Rigged ahead of your fishing lure or bait flashers provide extra movement and attraction.  If your trolling for trout then it is hard to go past the ProChip 4 series.  We also offer a range of trolling flashers more suitable to Salmon fishing.  These range from the larger six and eight inch flashers through to eleven inch trolling flashers.  Flashers are fantastic for downrigger fishing.


Black Box Electronic Fish Attractor

The Black Box is rather unique product from Pro-Troll.   This is a fantastic product for use when downrigger fishing.  The Black Box allows you to check and adjust what voltage is travelling through the downrigger cable.  Every boat puts out an electrical current into the water.  It pays to know what voltage this is as you could actually be scaring the fish away!


Downrigger Fishing Techniques Book

Pro-Troll’s Downrigger Fishing Techniques book advises you how dowriggers work, how to use them and how to select a downrigger.  Great read if you want to learn the in and outs of downrigger fishing.

Chapters include:

  • How Downriggers Work
  • Fishing with a Downrigger
  • Downriggers for Salmon
  • Downriggers for Trout
  • Downriggers for Sharks
  • Downriggers for Big Game Fish
Downrigger Fishing Techniques Book By Dick Pool | Pro-Troll Fishing Products NZ

Pro-Troll’s Downrigger Fishing Techniques book, a fantastic guide to downriggers.

Salmon trolling flashers

Pro-Troll flashers are available in a range of colours, styles and sizes.

Electronic Fish Attractor | The Black Box Electronic Fish Attractor from Pro-Troll

The Black Box electronic fish attractor is the perfect downrigger companion.