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Electronic Bait Technology

EChip Electronic Bait Technology was invented in the greater Silicon Valley.  It is the world’s first microchip for bait.  The EChip attracts fish by replicating the voltage discharged by the nervous system of live bait.

The EChip is a miniature electronic device that triggers accurate strikes by nearby fish.  Available in two sizes the EChip is small enough to be attached to hooks, lures or leaders.

Best of all EChip Electronic Bait Technology requires no batteries.

Pro-Troll EChip Electronic Bait Technology

The EChip is the most significant fishing innovation since graphite rods

The EChip is made of a proprietary electronic crystal and ball which are mounted inside a stainless steel tube.  The crystals hypersensitive electrons are activated by movement or vibration.

Every living creature’s nervous system emits an electrical voltage.  Predator fish sense this in live bait fish. The EChip electronic bait technology replicates the voltage that predator fish detect.

The Five Senses Fish Use To Catch Prey
  1. Sight: fish have good eyesight but they don’t see that well in poor conditions or at close range
  2. Smell:  important for some fish but scent trails are narrow and inaccurate
  3. Sounds: travel fast in water but are very inaccurate at close range
  4. Vibration: critical for general attraction but is also inaccurate at close range
  5. Electro Sensitivity: critical for triggering strikes and enabling fish to accurately locate and strike

While sight smell and sound bring fish to an area, Electro-Location is the primary tool fish use to determine what and where to strike.

What is EChip?

EChip is the worlds first electronic bait technology

What Did it Take to develop?

More than 5 years & $1 million was invested in the development of the EChip

Does EChip Require Batteries?

The EChip does not require batteries so it will never go flat!

Great On Tough Days

The EChip has proven to be especially valuable on those tough days.  Or days when hunting those prize winning older and bigger fish.

In these situations the more commonly known sensory systems sight, smell, sound & vibration are often compromised and inaccurate.  This forces fish to rely on sensing electrical pulses to locate & capture food.

Many fish have difficulty seeing up close and in the wild fish compensate by using electro-sensitivity to locate and capture food.  The EChip makes artificial and frozen bait appear alive which triggers accurate strikes by predator fish.

EChip Electronic Bait Technology Drawing
Products Featuring Electronic Bait Technology

EChip technology is available in a range of fishing products including fishing lures and attractors.

EChip Electronic Bait Technology is also available in kit form.  EChip Kits can be used on your favourite lure, spinner, jig head, or spoon.

June 2015 Update

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