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Fishing Lake Taupo With Electronic Lures Prohibited

Must Read If Fishing Lake Taupo

If you intend on fishing Lake Taupo you should be aware of the regulations.  Current Taupo Fishery regulations prohibit the use of any electronic fish attracting device.  Specifically for the purpose of taking Trout.  This prohibits the use of EChip under current regulations.

You can however still fish Lake Taupo with our lures and flashers legally with a simple modification.

Fishing Lake Taupo with Pro Troll

While fishing Lake Taupo with EChip is currently prohibited, the lures and flashers themselves are not.  The regulations simply require you to remove the EChip when fishing Lake Taupo.  This is a simple task.

Don’t worry one great feature of our lures and attractors is that they have fantastic action.  Therefore even with the added attraction of EChip removed they will still outperform many other lures.

How to Remove EChip to Fish Lake Taupo Legally

Pro Troll lures and attractors can be used while fishing Lake Taupo.  All that is required is the simple removal of the EChip.

How to Remove EChip from Trout Killer or E-Lures in three easy steps.

  1. Flip the Pro Troll lure or flasher over on its back
  2. Take a small flat screw driver and VERY gently flick the EChip out of its holder
  3. Keep the EChip in a safe place for use in other fisheries

Now you have a perfectly legal fishing product for fishing Lake Taupo.


Which Fishery Regulation Is Involved

The Taupo fishery regulation involved is section 20 (1) (b) (vii) of the Taupō Fishery Regulations 2004 which states that.

“A person must not use for the purpose of taking trout any fish attracting electronic device”.

Our understanding is that the Taupo Fishery regulations are under review. It is hoped that EChip equipped products will be permitted while fishing Lake Taupo in the future.

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View of EChip Under Lure
Fishing Lake Taupo with Pro Troll Electronic Lures and Attractors
EChip Removed
Modified Pro Troll Lure Ready for Fishing Lake Taupo
Regulation Only Applies in Taupo Fishery

Remember this regulation only applies when fishing the Taupo Fishery.  Pro Troll’s EChip can be used in all other New Zealand fisheries.

Pro Troll products have been and continue to be very successful in all other fisheries.  Including trout fishing Rotorua’s lakes.