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How to rig a flasher for trolling

What is a flasher for trolling?

Pro Troll Flashers are designed to attract trout or salmon while trolling. The unique design of Pro Troll flashers, usually incorporates a kicker fin in addition to echip technology. The kicker fin, or in some cases the spin blades create erratic spinning and/or kicking action. When combined with echip technology, this attracts more fish to the vicinity of your bait or lure.

How to rig a flasher for trolling

Flashers are designed to be rigged ahead of your lure or bait. Essentially the flasher is attached to your leader, then a leader is run between tail end of the flasher. Always make sure you use a suitable leader length. Simply attach your lure or bait as usual to this rear leader and you are away.

See the diagram for an example of how to rig a flasher for trolling.

How to rig a flasher for trolling with a downrigger
5 Tips on How to rig a flasher for trolling
  1. So what’s the number one rule to follow when you rig Pro Troll flashers? Always rig your flasher the correct way around! The narrowest end is the front (closest to you) and the wider end, usually with the chip and kicker fin is the rear or tail end (closest to the lure or bait).
  2. Troll at the correct speed. Trolling at a suitable speed will ensure, both the flasher and your lure, will have the desired action, as designed.
  3. Rig a suitable sized lure or bait behind the flasher. Too large a lure or bait will kill the tail kick action. Different size lures or baits suit different size flashers. For example the smallest of our trolling flashers, the ProChip 4 (4 inches) is a perfect match for our trout killer lure range.
  4. Use a suitable leader length. That includes both the front and rear leader lengths! This is essential especially for the tail leader. Different size flashers often have different recommendations. But don’t worry, Pro Troll flashers include a guide in the packet.
  5. Just like lures, different colour flashers work at different times, and different places. Don’t just stick to one colour, give several a try and see which is best for the situation.
Trout Trolling Flasher | Pro-Troll PC4-409 Watermelon

Hopefully you now know, how to rig a flasher for trolling.  And remember, if all else fails, read the instructions included, that’s right, each and every Pro Troll flasher include instructions.

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