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Black Box Fishing Book

Fishing Book Contents

Below are the contents of the Black Box fishing book:

  1. Catching fish with electricity – the concept
  2. Factors that affect your boats electrical condition
  3. How to test your boats electrical charge
  4. Black Box operation & recommended voltages
  5. Tips on adjusting the black box
  6. Using the Black Box without downriggers
  7. Electrical sensitivity of fish
  8. Chemistry of the electrical charge of boats
  9. Installation of the Black Box
  10. Troubleshooting
  11. Common questions

Pro-Troll Inc was founded in 1978.  They create and market innovative fishing products.  This includes products such as their proprietary fish attraction device, The EChip.  Also see the Black Box Electrical Fish Attractor here.

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Black Box Electronic Fish Attractor
Electronic Fish Attractor | The Black Box Electronic Fish Attractor from Pro-Troll

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