• Downrigger Fishing Techniques Book

Downrigger Fishing Techniques

Downrigger Fishing Techniques

Pro-Troll’s Downrigger Fishing Techniques contents are listed below for your reference:

  • Selecting a downrigger for your boat
  • Downrigger Fishing Techniques & Tips to help you catch more fish
  • What to do and what not to do when fishing with a downrigger
  • Dealing with multiple lines on one downrigger
  • Weight recommendations for downrigger fishing
  • The most common downrigger questions

Great read for those that want to improve their  downrigger fishing techniques.

Downrigger Fishing when Trolling for Trout

About the author:

Dick Pool has spent over 40 years fishing the lakes, streams and high seas of the Western United States.  As an engineer he is a developer of numerous downrigger innovations and a variety of fishing lures.

Downrigger fishing information

If you haven’t already be sure to see our downrigger fishing information page.  Our downrigger page includes basic information including suitable accessories and tackle.  Pro Troll’s range includes some of the best downrigger fishing tackle & accessories available.  Fishing products such as our wide range of Pro Troll trolling flashers, fishing lures and our very own Black Box.

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