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Trolling for Trout

How to get the best results when trolling for trout

Many fisherman wonder, how do I get the best results when trolling for trout.  In many cases this is a result of using the best lures and trout fishing tackle available.  That is, the best for the lake and conditions you are fishing.  Of course one advantage of trolling for trout is covering a lot of ground.  This is of little use however, should you end up fishing the wrong depth.  Make sure you have a quality fish finder.  Use it and target the fish.

Stack the odds in your favour.

Make sure to select the right tackle for the job.  What colour lure to select for example.  What are the lighting conditions you are trolling in.  What depth will you be trolling in.  What is your target species.  Are you fishing for rainbow trout or brown trout.  The action of a trolling lure, what speed should you be trolling.  These are all important aspects to trolling for trout.  All too much, you could always ask the local Pro Troll retailer for advice.

Pro Troll’s trout trolling products

Pro Troll has a fantastic range of trout trolling products.  Including a range of trout fishing lures.  Our freshwater trolling lures are available in a range of styles, sizes and colours.  Each of which is packed with EChip attraction.  You can be sure we have a lure to suit almost any trout trolling conditions.

See a selection of our trout trolling products below.

Pro-Troll Fishing Products
Trout Killer Trolling for Trout Fishing Lure Range

The ultimate for those trolling for trout.  The Trout Killer trout lure range, available in two sizes and a huge range of colours.  EChip technology.  Perfect for trolling or harling.

Trout Trolling Flashers

Increased attraction when rigged ahead of your lure.  ProChip 4 Flashers, perfect addition when trolling for trout.  11+ colour options.  See our trout trolling flashers today.

The Pro Troll Black Box

The ultimate downrigger fishing accessory.  Does your boat attract fish or scare them away? Control the voltage being put down your downrigger cable.  The Black Box.

Trout Fishing Lures | Pro Troll Trolling E-Lures

Pro Troll E-Lure trolling lures are 3 inch’s long.  There design makes them shake and spin aggressively.  Great trout fishing lures for those that are trolling for trout.

Holographic Trout Killer Trout Fishing Lures

Holographic Trout Killer lures.  Same fantastic lures, same fantastic action as the standard Trout Killers.  Now available in ten additional Holographic finishes.

Pro Troll EChip Kits

EChip kits.  Now you can use EChip technology with any lure, spoon, spinner, leader or jig head.  Even with your favourite trout fishing lures should you desire.

Downriggers & trolling for trout

In many instances when trolling for trout, downrigger fishing comes into its own.  Imagine having a quality fish finder and knowing what depth the trout are in.  Then being able to target the exact depth using a downrigger.  All the while using light fishing tackle.  What is a downrigger, see Wikipedias explaination here.

If you are hunting for the perfect accessory for your downrigger?  Our electronic fish attractor is just the ticket.  One tendency downriggers have is putting a charge down the cable.  With our electronic fish attractor, the “Black Box” you can adjust the voltage discharged.  The perfect downrigger accessory.

Downrigger Fishing when Trolling for Trout