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Trout Fishing Rotorua NZ

Planning on trout fishing Rotorua?  The lakes of Rotorua offer fantastic trout fishing opportunities.  Many Kiwi’s simply aren’t aware, how good we have it here in NZ.  Several of Rotorua’s lakes are known as trophy lakes.  These lakes make prize winning fish obtainable to a wide variety of anglers.

Rainbow trout are the most common species found in Rotorua’s lakes.  While  brown trout, tiger trout (lake Rotoma only), and brook trout can also be found.  No matter if your trolling for trout.  Or fly fishing for trout.  The many lakes of Rotorua have something to offer every trout fisherman.

Trout FIshing Rotorua NZ - Lake Okataina

Lake Okataina, Rotorua, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Lake Okataina

One example of a trophy lake, and the fantastic trout fishing opportunities Rotorua has to offer, is Lake Okataina.

If your interested in fishing Lake Okataina,  why not visit our friends at Lakes Lodge.  They offer accommodation, charter fishing and more.

New Zealand Bay Fisher Magazine wrote an article on fishing Okataina.  The article featured in the March 2013 issue.

Pro-Troll Fishing Products | Pro-Troll NZ
Pro Troll Trout fishing tackle

Here at Pro Troll NZ we have a fantastic range of trout fishing tackle.  Our specialty is trolling and/or harling trout fishing tackle.  Including our fantastic trout killer lure range.  All of our trout lures feature echip.

In addition to our trout lures we also have a range of trout trolling flashers.  Fantastic addition to any trolling lure.  These are just a selection of the innovative products we have available.

Pro Troll products, perfect for those trout fishing Rotorua’s lakes.

Find a retailer of Pro-Troll Fishing Products, Hunting and Fishing New Zealand Rotorua

Pro Troll display, local Rotorua retailer

Trout fishing tackle & supplies

Before you head out on any trout fishing adventure be sure to stock up on the appropriate tackle.  Visit one of the local retailers in town.  After all it is of little use heading out without the appropriate trout fishing tackle. Not to mention the valuable local knowledge that can be gained.

It all helps when your trout fishing in the Rotorua lakes.  Or fishing anywhere for that matter!

Trout fishing Rotorua, rules & regulations

Something every fisherman needs to do.  Including those trout fishing Rotorua.  Be sure you know the local fishing rules and regulations.

Fish & Game New Zealand covers the Rotorua Lakes area.  The regulations are updated annually.  So always make sure you have the current fishing regulations.

The best place to get these is directly from Fish & Game.

Trout fishing Rotorua requires a fishing licence

Before you set out trout fishing on Rotorua’s lakes you first need a licence.  Once again the best information can be found on Fish & Games website.

Of course you could just visit a local fishing tackle retailer.  There you will able to purchase a licence along with your trout fishing tackle.

Happy Fishing!

Kakahi Falls, Hells Gate, Rotorua NZ

Kakahi Falls, Hells Gate, Rotorua NZ

Things to do other than trout fishing Rotorua NZ

Other than trout fishing Rotorua, there is an abundance of activities and sights to see.  At just over 2.5 hours drive south of Auckland.  Hosting 3.3 million visitors every year.  Rotorua has a wealth of activities to do and sites to see.

One fantastic source of information is RotoruaNZ.com.  There you can find a wealth of information.  What to do in Rotorua, where to eat in Rotorua and the list goes on. Rotorua has more than enough to offer.  Enough to keep the whole family entertained.

So there you have it.  No excuses, start trout fishing Rotorua today!